Toronto Lovin’

Hello friends! So I’ve been living in Toronto for a little over three years now, and this week I wanted to share with you some of the things that make TO great and my favourite places/things to do in the city. I especially like taking photos of the city, so this list will include a few picturesque places. Hope you enjoy my little compilation!

1. Nathan Phillips Square in the winter 

Disclaimer: Not my photo. But still a great photo.

The pool just outside of City Hall is turned into a skating rink in the winter, and looks especially gorgeous after dark. I can’t wait to go this year, since the new Toronto sign will be there as well! #InstagramEverything

2. The Toronto Islands 

Ok you can’t see the actual islands from this picture but I wanted to use as many of my Instagram posts as I could in this post to show that these places really are nice (believe me yet?) The Islands are a great way to escape the city without driving for an hour. And the ferry only costs $4 for students! There are several islands but they all connect so it doesn’t matter which ferry you go on from the terminal. Also Funnel Cakes and Beaver Tails await once you land. But do bear in mind that the islands are more of a “summer” activity.

3. Board Game Cafes

Also, their lattes were amazing. This was at Castle Board Game Cafe on Spadina Ave.
AND they served LATTES and MILKSHAKES. This was at Castle Board Game Cafe on Spadina Ave.

This summer I had a friend visit from Ottawa and we tried to be organized about planning what we would do each day but of course, we woke up one day with no plans. Coincidentally it was also raining that day, so we thought it was only suitable for us to go to a board game cafe. We only paid a few dollars an hour per person and some more for drinks, but it was a really relaxed environment. We had a great time even though we were just two people, so you don’t necessarily have to go with a large group.

4. The Financial District 

I'm the friend that stops walking every two seconds to take a photo
I’m the friend that stops walking every two seconds to take a photo

So being a social science student INTENT on avoiding math whenever possible, I don’t have a lot of knowledge about the financial world. But I really like Toronto’s Financial District because the buildings are awesome. They make for great photos which then OBVIOUSLY make for great instagrams. #InstagramEverything. Also it’s pretty cool to walk down a street where everyone’s wearing business attire and looks like they have their life figured out. By cool I mean slightly intimidating. BUT STILL COOL.


This is Glendon at night. We're not there yet.
This is Glendon at night. We’re not there yet.

I can’t can’t CAN’T wait for fall to come in full swing so Glendon can embrace it’s inhabitants with autumn. Once the leaves turn red that’s gonna be my freakin’ Christmas.

But I can’t wait for Christmas either which is a great time to take cheery winter photos.

Me up until January
Me up until January

Hope you made it to the end of the list and consider going to some of these places if you haven’t already! Tell me, what are you favourite things to do in your city?

Also, to see more photos from Toronto, follow me on instagram: @blue.gram



  1. Glad you’re excited because Glendon in the fall is GORGEOUS!!!! Also def insta-worthy 😉 I loved the photos you included in this post, they add so much 🙂 Lovely post, thanks for sharing! ♥

    PS – loooove your theme. ALL the black and white minimalist WP themes haha!


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