Glendon Global Debates

A couple weeks ago I attended a conference on the New Trump Administration at Glendon organized by the Glendon School of Public and International Affairs. The GSPIA is a master’s program at Glendon and they frequently organize conferences such as this one. This year they also hosted a panel on Brexit, and later on in the year … More Glendon Global Debates

Why No One Cares

In my sociology course, we talk about different philosophers and social theories. Recently, one of the theorists we talked about is Emile Durkheim. I’m no expert in Durkheim or sociology, but I related to one of his ideas and found that it even applies to my blog. Basically, his theory was that the more economically advanced … More Why No One Cares

4 Things You Don’t Think Impact You But Do

When I’m studying I feel like the stars have to align so I can concentrate. The following things aren’t just related to studying, they’re also variables in the background in university life that impact what’s going on. 1. Food I’m going to start off with the most important thing. What we eat can make or break our mood. … More 4 Things You Don’t Think Impact You But Do

Exchange!! What?!

I’m in the International Bachelor of Arts program at Glendon, and one of the requirements of my degree is that I do an exchange for at least one semester. And I am SO EXCITED. But also freaking out. I knew I wanted to go on an exchange before I started at Glendon. During high school I … More Exchange!! What?!